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Rebuilding and renovation of the Georgius-Agricola-high school in Chemnitz

Architecture / Object Planning

The building of the today's Georgius-Agricola-secondary high school was built in the years 1927-1929. It belongs in the urban development- and architecture ensemble industrial school and administration building Theresenstraße. The entire complex is listedas as a historical buildingfor the city of Chemnitz.

The city of Chemnitz, as the client, is planning the final renovation of the 3-level high school until the year 2011. The renovation takes place during regular school activities in two building phases in agreement with the department for preservation of historical buildings and monuments. Essentially the following measures were realized:

  • Drainage of the building substance
  • Renovation of the integrated gym including the changing- and sanitary area
  • Arrangment of a new kitchen and cafeteria for the accommodation of school meals
  • Total renovation of all class rooms and special cabinets (e.g. chemistry room, biology room etc.), the teachers and administration area

With this project all necessary fire protecting- and sound insulation requirements should also be realized at the same time. Essentially the following measures are necessary:

  • Construction of an additional staircase at the outside of the building in order to provide a second escape route
  • Installation of fire prevention glazings
  • Fire protection technical improvement of the existing construction elements
  • Installation of absorbers in different areas of the rooms with sound insulation technical requirements

Furthermore a usage of the building without barriers should be possible in the future. Therefore the following measures are planned :

  • Construction of a suitable handicapped elevator at the outside of the building
  • Installation of additional toilets for handicapped people
  • Installation of a ladder extension hoist for the overcoming of height elevation differences inside the building


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Architecture/Object planning,
Structural engineering and
construction-physical verification;
Service phase 3 to 8

City of Chemnitz
Amt 65
Annaberger Straße 89
09120 Chemnitz

Transaction volume:
4.340 T€
service phase 1: 1.195 T€
service phase 2:    805 T€