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Day-care Center Ernst-Enge-Straße in Chemnitz

Day-care Center Ernst-Enge-Straße in Chemnitz

Terms of reference: Rehabilitation of the outer skin (windows, roof, facade)

Objectives of the architects, in the course of energetic rehabilitation of the constructed building as a DDR-Type project, is to add a new face to the building, which clearly stands apart from such previous rehabilitations
Further objective: architecture is not an end in itself or as a personal achivement of the architect, but, according to the concept of Montessori, to offer the actual users - the children - a mix of material for own possibilities of creation;
The children create the Kita: they were offered drawings of the building in the design phase (without facade paint only empty areas/building frames) within the work of the groups for own creation and after that the evaluation with the architects - together with leadership of the Kita; Conclusion: the children decided in majority for a colourful creation in the colour spectrum of a rainbow
Mixture of Materials: Wood (weatherboards in the entrance area), Metal (aluminium shaft as a binding part/joint between main house and the economic wing), colourful plaster facade and colour-coordinated new windows and external doors
Alternating girder System, felt with the logo of Montessori (but extremely abstract) Shape-milled Alu-Dibond-Plates; these plates could be designed directly by the children or rather furnished by the children with drawings which are printed on foils, with digital printing procedures

Modernization lightning protection system, installation of modern Intercommunication- and Telecommunication systems, Exterior lightning

Outdoor facilities:
According to the concept of the Material Mixture - Modernization of the eaves stripe with timber planks and waterproofed wood chippings; following the façade concept new dustbin enclosures and toy boxes.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Project planning including required technical equipments
Service phase 1 to 8

Stadtverband Chemnitz e.V.

Costs: 540 T€

Architecture/Object planning