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Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz

In addition extensive proofs with finite element models were accomplished.

  • Basis for planning for the Start-Up-Building was the guarantee of flexibility of the foundation center
  • This concerns a building complex, which consists of a 2 storey office building and 3 hall extensions on 2 floors that are arranged like a comb.
  • The approx. 80m long office building is build without joints. All constraining forces resulting from it, were considered and are taken up statically by the selected construction. In addition, extensive proofs with finite-element-models were done.
  • The hall extensions are separated from the office building with the help of movement joints. The upper floors contain the building service equipment for the laboratories on the ground floor.
  • The ground floor pavement was made as a composite floor. They include a variable hanging system for installing loads.
  • The spatial stability of the halls will be realized with a mixed system of reinforced concrete washers and steel combinations. The windows on the side walls were not to be interrupted by the connections.
  • The next challenge was the poor subsoil. The subsoil is partly soft and sloping. No building part has the same foundation properties
  • Extensive settlement calculations were made, in order to receive settlement prognoses, especially at the building joints/ crossings to the hall.

All building parts were created flat. The planned bored pile foundation could not be implemented out economically due to the poor subsoil conditions.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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City of Chemnitz, represented by
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